Dozens of Muslins

Introducing our Ground-Breaking 3D Background Rentals

Welcome to Dozens of Muslins, the world's best and greatest supplier of unique, hand-painted, cleverly-titled backgrounds for dance and special event photography. With more than 150 designs, we can match your "Moonlight Memories" theme (check out 3D015) or something a bit zanier, such as "Let's Go For a Camel Ride!" (for which we'd suggest 3D068).

We are completely family-owned, operated, and staffed, which means a personal experience for you every time. So come find out why our longtime customers do things like enclosing tutu-clad rubber chickens with their returns. Actually, we haven't quite figured that one out ourselves, but the chicken has a place of honor in our offices nonetheless. Thanks for your interest — we look forward to hearing from you.

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